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Thousands of people get trained in CPR and First Aid every year to be prepared to help a loved one in case of an emergency. Are you prepared for an emergency in which the life of your cat or dog may be at stake?

The American Red Cross along with The Humane Society of the United States has joined efforts to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to the emergency needs of their pets. Pet First Aid is a course designed for pet lovers to be able to provide aid to their pets and other animals when they most need it. The course covers emergency protocols such as:

∑ How to Approach a Sick or Injured Dog or Cat
∑ Administering Medication
∑ Recognizing an Emergency
∑ Learning what is normal for your Pet
∑ How to Detect Dehydration
∑ How to Survey the Emergency Victim
∑ CPR and Rescue Breathing
∑ Caring for Shock
∑ Choking, and
∑ Bleeding

During this four hour course you will also learn how to handle many common emergencies and problems that your pet might encounter. You will receive a Pet First Aid for Cats and Dogs Handbook that is full of information that you can refer back to. The book covers fifty-four emergency situations and the signs, symptoms, and solutions to these. It also has information on what a pet first aid kit should contain.

Learn how to have a healthy and happy pet, enroll in one of our Pet First Aid courses now. For dates, times, and locations contact the Tierra del Sol American Red Cross chapter at (505) 424-1611 or visit our website at

Prepare for Disaster Tips (from the Pet First Aid Handbook)

1. Disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. Whether your family is affected by a natural disaster, hazardous ma- terial spill or a fire, every member of your family (includ- ing your pets) will have a better chance of survival if you have a disaster plan ahead of time.

2. If you have to evacuate your home for any reason, even if you donít expect to be gone for long, take your pet with you.

3. Have a portable pet disaster supplies kit ready to go.

4. Since disasters may strike when youíre away from home, find a trusted neighbor who would be willing to evacuate your pets and meet you at a prearranged location.

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