New Mexico's Pet ResourceFALL 2005

“In the Know”
by Cynthia Richards (photo by Kyle Gordon)

If you’re a dog lover, no doubt you’ve noticed that Albuquerque is fast becoming “dog-friendly.” We have two off-leash dog parks with five more planned. There are doggie day care centers, doggie races, dog picture contests, restaurants and shops catering to your canine companion. We even have “people” restaurants and shops that welcome the pooch at your side. And Albuquerque has many organizations that find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs.

Thanks to an outstanding and unique website,, all the dog-related information you need is just a click or two away.

Launched just five years ago, is the brainchild of Rebecca Loring, a professional web developer and dog lover at heart. “ABQDog started out of my frustration that there was no one place to go to learn about all the things I could do with my dogs in Albuquerque,” Loring said.

The only site of its kind in New Mexico, it has quintupled in size over the past five years. “There is so much going on that I have a hard time keeping up with it all,” Loring continued.

The site is a one-woman effort. Rebecca spends about 20 hours a week maintaining and updating it. She never stops thinking of ways to improve ABQDog. A reader’s bulletin board is on the horizon, along with a brand new section on happy adoption outcomes, and expanded stories on recent dog events.

In addition to creating an information source for all things dog-related, Loring had other goals in mind when she created ABQDog. “I wanted to contribute to making Albuquerque a more dog-friendly town, and to help more dogs find homes,” she said.

Although she won’t take credit for it, more restaurants and stores welcome dog visitors than they did five years ago. Dog events and dog services have also expanded today. Loring’s dream is to have a “Mardi Paws Parade” with costumed dogs and humans. has helped many homeless dogs find homes. “ABQDog makes it easy to find out where to adopt them, so I feel that we’re heading in the right direction,” Loring said.

Not only has the site facilitated adoptions, but ABQDog has also raised thousands of dollars for local rescue organizations through its “Dogs For All Seasons” annual photo contest. In 2005, beneficiaries will be Animal Humane Association of New Mexico and Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare, Inc.

ABQDog has enriched the lives of Albuquerque dogs and dog lovers. Loring says her life has been enriched, too, by the friends she’s met through ABQDog and by knowing the wonderful and dedicated people who work so hard to save the lives of animals in our state. No doubt her four rescued dogs, including Brisco, ABQDog’s poster dog, have enriched her life as well.


· Link up with local or national rescue groups to find the perfect dog for you.
· Go shopping! Browse through gobs of dog-lover gifts and paraphernalia.
· Locate any kind of business or service you’ll ever need for your dog.
· Get complete information on places to go, shop, dine or party with your dog.
· Get helpful tips on traveling with your dog.
· Find out the important news that may affect you and your pooch.
· Discover a complete calendar of events that every dog should know about.
· Get essential dog-related health information that any dog-lover must know.
· Understand laws affecting you and your dog.
· Enter the “Dog For All Seasons” photo contest that benefits local rescue organizations.
· Link to a dog-lovers dating site.

Cynthia Richards is the Founder and President Emeritus of the Albuquerque Cat Action Team. Her monthly “ Smitten the Kitten” stories appear in PETroglyphs for Kids. Cynthia and her husband share their lives with their cats, including Matthew Arlo, who got them into the world of animal rescue.

My experience with the dogs in my life convinces me that . . . the dog truly loves us beyond measure, beyond what we deserve, more indeed than we love ourselves. - Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

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