New Mexico's Pet Resource SPRING 2006


Westland Dog Park, Farmington, New Mexico

Howl-o everybody! Rover Reporter here to bring you New Mexico’s latest hot spots for all my canine cohorts and their human friends. Recommended places will get the “Paws Up” mark and those that aren’t worth a second sniff will get a “Doggy Pile” designation. Our scale is on a 1 to 4 basis with 4 Paws being the best and 4 Piles being the worst.

This time we invited guest dogs Ginger and Wilco to talk about the new Westland Dog Park in Farmington, New Mexico.

Woof! Rrruff! Ginger and Wilco here, getting the word out to all of the pups of New Mexico, that Farmington has a brand new doggie park! Our humans took us, and it was great! We both really like it that this doggie park is down by the river, so all those good river critter smells are there. Ginger took to the small stand of bushes in the park, likely full of good smells, and Wilco liked rolling around in the cottonwood leaves. The park is nicely situated in a large grove of cottonwoods, lots of leaves to roll in during the winter, and lots of shade in the summer. And, if you’re a lucky doggie your human might just take you for an on-leash walk down by the river too!

We think that the humans who made this little park just for us had some pretty good ideas. They put in a whole fenced area for the little ones and pups, a nice water fountain and a whole fountain just for us canines! Now, why don’t they have those at more parks? They have a couple of stations with poop-picker-uppers, and that dang double gated safety entrance thing. Yep, no running off while they take the leashes off in this park. It seems that the park is pretty far away from any main roads, and that we drove over a ditch to get into the parking area, so that if we did happen to get off of our leashes a little early, we probably wouldn’t get into too much trouble.

“Oh, but rrruff, didn’t you think that the fence was jumpable Wilco?”

“Arf, it sure would be, well, at least for a dog like me…I can clear 5 feet easy if I really want to, but I try to be ‘good’ . You know how those humans like that.”

It was a lot of fun to chase that tennis ball into the thickets and smell all the river critter smells, and run, run, run. Nothing beats just being able to run around if you’re a dog - well, maybe rolling in dead fish or horse poop - but this is pretty close. The only thing I’m really worried about is that my human is going to take me here to do more of that ‘training’ stuff…I heard something about this being a great place for that…but I guess that’s pretty much fun too.

We’re two easy-to-please, fun-lovin’ Golden Retrievers, so don’t take our woofs for how good it is. Come check it out for yourselves.

Access directions: At the intersection of West Main and Apache, drive south on Apache where it turns into the Westland Park area, then you’ll turn right at the dog park sign, heading towards the river until you notice the parking area/river access area. The dog park is about 100 yards east of the parking area.

Woof! ROoooof! Four paws up!


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