New Mexico's Pet Resource WINTER 2005


Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park, Albuquerque

Howl-o everybody! Rover Reporter here to bring you New Mexico’s latest hot spots for all my canine cohorts and their human friends. Places I recommend will get the “Paws Up” mark and those that aren’t worth a second sniff will get a “Doggy Pile” designation. Our scale is on a 1 to 4 basis with 4 Paws being the best and 4 Piles being the worst.

Next up for this issue: Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park at 2000 Dakota in Albuquerque.

It’s a good one, a large fenced area in the main park, with lots of running room for those of us that like to go as fast and as far as we can without a leash. However there is only one enclosed area so big dogs and shy little dogs have to mingle. Sometimes the little dogs get stepped on, but we big dogs try to be careful. Although it’s not as new and spiffy as the Rio Rancho dog park, my pals and I love all the bushes and trees to sniff and the dirt base is easier on our feet than gravel. One covered picnic table provides shade, but the many trees also help when it’s hot.

There’s no drinking fountain, but there is a faucet so our caretakers can fill a large pan with water for us. The city turns the water off once the temperature goes below freezing. My human has to be sure to stuff a couple of plastic bags in her pockets to pick up after me. There are garbage cans around the perimeter of the park, but the city’s plastic bag holders haven’t been filled since a few days after the park opened. However, the people who use the park are good citizens and most bring plastic bags to fill the holders. They also bring bags of tennis balls so that we always have balls to chase.

All dog parks have rules and so does this one. Aggressive dogs aren’t welcome and their humans soon learn to leave if trouble erupts. No unsupervised dogs or children are allowed. Although the park is a few years old, it’s clean because most of our humans clean up after us. City workers remove the weeds.

The Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park is at the end of Dakota Avenue north of Constitution. It is right next to I-40. Take Constitution west off of Louisiana to Dakota St., then turn right (north) and follow Dakota to where it dead ends into the park. There is parking on the street.


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