New Mexico's Pet Resource FALL 2004


New Rainbow Dog Park, Rio Rancho

Howl-o, everybody! Rover Reporter, here to bring you the latest hot spots that New Mexico has to offer all my canine cohorts and their human friends. Places that I recommend will get the “Paws Up” mark and those that aren’t worth a second sniff will get a “Doggy Pile” designation. Our scale is on a 1 to 4 basis with 4 Paws being the best and 4 Piles being the worst.

First up this fall: New Rainbow Dog Park in Rio Rancho!

All I can say is, “Howl-lelujah!” Rio Rancho has finally designated a new dog park for me and all my canine friends. And it’s a great one! A portion of Rainbow Park has been fenced off so that dogs can run off leash. There are two separate play areas—one for “Small Dogs” and one for “Large Dogs”. This helps all my smaller and shyer canine pals not get “ruffed” up by the big boys. Both fenced areas are covered with crushed rock and the large dog area has some “natural” spots that have sagebrush, dirt and other great smelling stuff. If you look carefully, you can find a tennis ball or two lying around the park for a good game of fetch. And there’s a terrific watering hole! My human caretaker calls it a dual water fountain because not only can dogs get a drink from the lower portion of the fountain, but humans can drink from the top of it where I can’t reach.

Although this is officially a dog park, I recommend that you bring your human companions along, too. My caretaker has a fun time socializing with all the other people while they watch us run around the park. There are picnic-style tables provided for the humans to sit on and talk. And for those super sunny days, there are a couple of shaded benches…but please remember that we dogs can get heat stroke or sunburned so be careful what time of day you go to the park!

Any good dog park has rules and this one is no exception. Your human is ultimately responsible for your behavior towards other dogs and people. No unsupervised children or dogs are allowed in the park. And any aggressive dogs should leave the park. The park is super clean but will only continue to stay that way as long as you remind your humans to pick up after your messes. In case your guardian forgets to bring a pooper-scooper, the park provides doggie bags on site and trash cans for disposal of waste.

Rainbow Park is off of Southern Boulevard in west Rio Rancho but the dog park is actually located behind the swimming pool and the best way to access it is off of Pecos Loop. There is a small parking lot there and you’ll hear everybody having a howling good time when you pull up. This dog park gets 3 ½ paws for being the best on in the area!


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