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Maddie again from Three Dog Bakery. Fall is in the air and snow is right around the corner. We've had a great autumn so far, with our Growl-o-ween party and the gear up for Thanksgiving Dinner. We all love this time of year even though it tends to be a lot of work. Seeing all you canines and your humans decked out in your winter sweaters and festive collars reminds me why we all got into this business. Happy families during holiday season - it's humbling to say the least, which brings me to my first point.

My every thought away from the bakery is dedicated to all the poor souls locked up in shelters. These poor guys don't know Christmas like the rest of us fortunate enough to have a loving family. This is the time of year for giving, and I urge you to make donations (no matter how small) to your local rescue groups and shelters. Every dollar makes a world of difference and the animals benefit from it in ways none of us could ever imagine. And, if you're not in the position to give a cash donation, rescue groups are always on the lookout for blankets, bowls, toys, food, and human hands - anything that helps the animals. So, as we creep toward a new year, I plead with you all to get involved! Call around and find out who needs what sort of assistance. Heck, you can even call us at the bakery, and we'll get you headed in the right direction. We have tons of phone numbers for groups that are always on the lookout for some help. With great power comes great responsibility - and the human race has the power.

Remember this - the ultimate goal of any rescue group or shelter is to eventually close down because they aren't needed. The main goal we are all working for is the end of pet overpopulation in our state. This means each and every one of us is responsible for doing our part. This means NOT supporting puppy mills, getting ALL of our animals sterilized, reporting backyard breeders or people selling dogs by the side of the road (which IS illegal) and being involved in our own communities.

Overpopulation is caused by lack of education about the seriousness of the problem. The number of animals "put down" every year is staggering, and yet people still let their animals breed. Sure, they may tell themselves that all the puppies (or kittens) went to good homes, but let's face it - not all those puppies get to grow up in the house they went to. Puppies are cute, but when they begin to chew or dig, they just become a burden on those people who didn't do their homework about raising dogs. The animal ends up suffering by being locked up outside, locked up in a cage, or locked up in a shelter. Dogs need guidance and a lot of attention, so if you or someone you know is thinking about getting a puppy for Christmas, think it over, then think it over again. And, for good measure, think it over one more time. It's easy to get wrapped up in the vision of a puppy at Christmas but think about that puppy growing, teething, chewing, digging, barking - it's a lot of work. You better be sure you have the time and patience for it.

Now, on to a bit of a lighter note. Every year at the bakery we have Santa Photos and this year is no exception. Starting the first Saturday in December and continuing every Saturday until Christmas, different rescue groups will be at the bakery making your holi-dog dreams come true. A lot of you think about it each year and then wait until it's too late. Plan early and call the bakery for information.

This is a great opportunity to help these groups make money during the "down" months of the year. I'll be there with my red velvet Santa hat and a jingle bell collar on. Like I mentioned before, this is one of those chances to make a difference. Take the first step and the rest is easy.

As a closing note, and my last message to you before the coming of another year, all of us at the bakery would like to say THANK YOU for another awesome year!

You guys are the cause for such a place and the reason we are able to get so involved with all these great rescue groups. Because of you we are able to do great things and have tons of fun doing it. So we raise a grateful paw to each and every one of you for your kind words, gentle criticism, and continued loyalty to the best darn bakery in the whole wide world. This year we've gained lots of new friends and lost a few dear friends but cherished every moment we got to spend with all of them. We all hope you have a very safe and happy Holi-dog Season and a very joyous New Year! Thank you, again.

Who's been naughty?
Who's been nice?

Bark at you soon,
(as dictated to Chris Dalton)

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