Spring 2003

"The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of man." --- Emile Zola

There have been lots of changes at No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico (NMHPNM) this winter! I started as the new Executive Director in January -- more about me later. First, thanks are in order to Laura Banks and Nancy Marano, who retired from the board at the end of the year. Their energy and effort sustained No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico these past 3 years and it is in large part due to their commitment that NMHPNM is where it is today. We wish them all the best in their current endeavors and know they will remain active in animal welfare issues in the future.

Julia Peters, an attorney with Sutin, Thayer and Brown in Santa Fe, continues on the board. Kim Snitker, proprietor of the classiest bakery in town (according to Maddie), is the new President, and Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons of Golden Retriever Rescue rounds out the new board. It's a great bunch of folks; all passionately committed to the cause of spay/neuter, which is, of course, NMHPNM's main mission. We plan on doing a lot of networking with other animal welfare groups and individuals this year, and I hope anyone reading this who shares our vision of no more unwanted dogs and cats in New Mexico will pick up the phone or jump to their computer and contact us. All of the board members are unapologetic "doers," and we are in the midst of some serious planning. Volunteers, fundraisers, sources of funds, or people with ideas are all welcome to this party! We are going to get the job done and have loads of fun doing it. Everyone is invited, and I'll meet with anyone, anytime if they want to do something to help.

Speaking of getting the job done and having fun doing it, we've already begun! NMHPNM teamed up with Animal Humane Association (AHA) and Trumball Park Community Center to hold an evening event January 22. Pit Bull Rescue, Watermelon Ranch, the Albuquerque Police Department K9 unit, Ernie Alexander of Animal Services Division, and Ann Beyke of AHA all gave outstanding demonstrations and talks to the 100 residents who attended. The message of the importance of spay/neuter was very well received, and Kim Snitker handed out nearly $4,000 worth of "free spay/neuter" coupons that evening, redeemable at AHA. Everyone had a great time (I wish everyone could have seen the unbounded joy of those tough looking pit bulls racing through the agility course), and it was such a success that as soon as we can get enough money, we are going to do another. Everyone was there as a volunteer, so my deepest thanks to all.

Look for more news about what we're up to in the next Petroglyphs. We have lots of aspirations, lots of experience to back it up, and lots of humor to laugh at our foibles. It's going to be a great journey, and I sincerely hope you will join us. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

Debbra Colman
Executive Director NMHP, New Mexico
(505) 350-0476

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