Spring 2002 News


Photo by Kim Snitker

A Wednesday night “Yappy Hour” at Three Dog Bakery.

Hi. My name is Maddie and I'm top dog over here at Three Dog Bakery. Over the past few years we've been involved in some pretty cool dog events and we've learned a thing or two. We've all heard success stories about "un-adoptable" animals and they warm our hearts, but what about all the animals that get returned or simply "put down?"

The number one factor for returning an animal is an uneducated human taking on a dog that just doesn't fit into their life because of the dog's activity level, aggression or stubborn attitude. We can all be a little trying at times, but with the right people and the right lifestyle, most dogs can overcome just about anything. So we all put our furry little heads together and started planning a fantastic event that is specifically designed to direct a human to the dog that best fits his or her lifestyle. Many hours of networking and an uncountable number of phone calls later we put a name to the idea.

"So You Want A Dog"

Pretty good, huh?

The purpose of this event is to educate potential new dog owners or people who want to add to their family. We've brought together many of the rescue groups in the city with the idea of putting all of them in one place where potential dog owners can talk to them about the qualities and needs of various dog breeds. Education is the focus, knowledge is the goal. We want people to know that not all breeds are the same, and, in fact, some can be rather difficult if they are not in the right environment for their specific needs.

We've seen it time and time again. Someone gets a puppy because he's "cute," but the human never thinks that the cute puppy he or she brought home is going to grow and change. What we hear most when we invite people to bring their dogs in to see us at the bakery is, "My dog doesn't do well around other dogs." This is something the person should have known prior to adopting an animal! We dogs need to be socialized a lot when we are young, but socialization needs to continue as we get older, too. So many first time dog owners make HUGE mistakes when they adopt and who pays for it? The human has thumbs and can drive, while on the other paw, the dog gets put in the backyard and misses out on all the fun it could be having with its human. I know this all sounds a bit harsh, but we've really got to get the word out.

"So You Want A Dog" is going to be held in the parking lot of Bound to Be Read in Albuquerque at Academy and San Mateo on April 20, 2002. We've planned it as a lead-in to Adopt-a-thon 2002 to help educate people about the specific wants and needs of different breeds of dogs. We hope that hundreds of dogs will go home with new parents on Adopt-a-thon weekend, but we want to ensure that they stay with the people who adopt them. So if you are thinking about a new dog or you know someone who is, please come see us on April 20th.

We'd also like to mention another event we've got in the works as a follow-up to "So You Want A Dog." We've titled it "The Big Whine and Dine." As you may have guessed, it's going to be an event where you and your human can have dinner together while helping out No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico. All the proceeds will go to No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico. They will then provide different groups with funding to set up spay and neuter clinics. What more could you ask for? We'll be cooking up some great grub for all you dogs and we are searching for a restaurant to donate the food for the human guests. We are also searching for a space big enough and dog friendly enough to hold this event. A good cause and a good dinner.

In closing we'd just like to reach out to any rescue group who has not been contacted but would like to be a part of "So You Want A Dog." Please call us and get on the bandwagon. Also, if any of you who are reading this would like to donate time and/or resources to either event, just call or come by the bakery. You'll find us at 9821 Montgomery, Albuquerque, just east of Eubank or call (505) 294-2300.

Thanks for listening and I'll bark at you soon!

- Maddie (Dictated to Chris Dalton)

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