Spring 2002 News


Phase I of the Albuquerque Spay/Neuter Now! program was a great success. With funding provided by the Albuquerque Veterinary Association, No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico provided spay/neuter services for the pets of 92 low-income pet owners in the months of November and December. Pets also received free vaccinations. We hope to conduct a second phase of this program with additional funding from other sources within the next few months.

We would like to thank our many volunteers and supporters, including:

The students and staff of the PIMA Veterinary Assistant program
The Animal Humane Association of New Mexico
Mesa Reprographics
The staff of Youth Development Incorporated
The staff of the City of Albuquerque Child Development Centers
The City of Albuquerque Animal Services Division Field Officers
Pfizer Animal Health
The Albuquerque Veterinary Medical Association

We would also like to thank the following veterinarians for offering to participate in this program:

Adobe Animal Medical Center
Aztec Animal Clinic
Bolton Animal Hospital
Good Shepherd Animal Clinic
Large Animal Clinic
Mobile Veterinary Services of New Mexico
Northview Animal Hospital
Petroglyphs Animal Hospital
Valverde Animal Clinic


No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico is pleased to announce a partnership with ZLB Plasma Services. By donating plasma, you can provide funds for our organization to help spay and neuter pets. Here's how it works:

Normally, plasma donors receive a $20 payment for each donation. Through this special partnership, called Doggy Donors, you can designate No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico to receive that $20 plus an additional $5. So, for every donation of life-saving plasma, you can contribute $25 to help our pets. ZLB Plasma Services asks that each donor in this program commit to completing at least four donations within a specified time.

Donating plasma is a generous gift to someone in need. It takes a bit longer than donating blood, but it provides a totally different and vital component in the treatment of various diseases. Please call the ZLB Plasma Services at 243-4449 to get more information. Or visit their beautiful new donation center at 204 San Mateo S.E. just south of Central, open M-F 8-6, Sat. 9-2.


No More Homeless Pets of New Mexico is a non-profit agency that provides financial assistance, support, and educational outreach to pet owners in order to encourage them to have their pets spayed or neutered. We are not an animal shelter. We provide funds and support to animal shelters and animal rescue agencies in their efforts to find homes for unwanted dogs and cats and provide spay/neuter services to pet owners.

In our first year of operation our agency distributed over $27,000 to animal agencies and low-income pet owners in all parts of our state to directly pay for spay/neuter surgeries. Similar programs are planned for the year 2002.

Our long-range plans include:

Preparing a needs assessment report and strategic plan to end pet overpopulation in New Mexico.

Gaining legislative support for spay/ neuter programs.

Providing financial assistance for low-income pet owners.

Conducting a statewide public education campaign.

Supporting veterinarians by encouraging adequate compensation for their services.

Ensuring accessible veterinary services in all areas of our state.


To reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs in New Mexico until every cat and dog born is guaranteed a loving home.

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