Winter 2009 Newsletter

Animal Books: Pick of the Litter

Book reviews appear in the "Scoop on Animal Books" section of the website. Here is a sampling of some of the books we have enjoyed. Check the website for complete reviews and more books.

Autobiography of a Georgia Cat
by Michael Cowl Gordon
Author House, 2004, 160pp. $12.95
Black Jack, a unique indoor/outdoor cat, narrates the story of his African-American family in rural Georgia and his cat life in the world outside his house. Jack comments on the various members of his human family who have addiction and health problems. He has opinions on dogs, hairballs and life in general, too. How Jack goes through life and his observations of it give the reader a glimpse into a cat's mind and rural life in the Georgia. This book brings hope and understanding to readers coping with grief and loss as well as those who are going through addiction, codependency and recovery.

Calico Tales.and Others
by Betsy Stowe
Infinity Press, 109 pp. 2004. $14.95
When poetry is good it touches your mind and intellect. But, for me, great poetry grabs my heartstrings and emotions. It won't let me go even when I close the book. That is how I felt after reading Calico Tales.and Others. No cat lover could read this book of poetry without a tear, a laugh and a smile of recognition. Whether you like poetry or photography or you just love cats, this is a must have book. I know I will look at these photographs and re-read these poems whenever I need to touch the essence of what a cat is all about. This would make a wonderful gift for any cat lover on your list.

Flawed Dogs: The Year-End Leftovers at the Piddleton "Last Chance" Dog Pound
by Berkeley Breathed
Little, Brown, 2003. 37pp. $18.95
Berkeley Breathed brings his own unique twist to the overwhelming problem of animal overpopulation. The creator of the Bloom County and Opus comic strips has created a book of cartoons and poems describing some of the inhabitants of the Piddleton Last Chance Dog Pound. As Breathed sums up: "So in this world / Of the simple and odd, / The bent and plain, / The unbalanced bod, / The imperfect people / And differently pawed, / Some live without love./ That's how they're flawed." That says it all for me.

Parenting with Pets: The Magic of Raising Children with Animals
by Christine Hamer & Margaret Hevel
Book Publishers Network, 180 pp., 2007, $16.95
Parenting with Pets is an excellent sourcebook for parents who think pets would be a good addition to their family but aren't sure how to integrate them into an already busy family. If parents are undecided about getting a pet, this book is the answer. I highly recommend Parenting with Pets to parents with young children. What a good foundation for building your children's love of animals

Purry Logic
by Jane Seabrook
Ten Speed Press, 2008, unpaged $9.95
This new book from the author of the "Furry Logic" series is all-feline, all the time. A whimsical collection of illustrations combined with humorous sayings. The illustrations are watercolor paintings done in loving detail of special kitties who have a lot of wisdom to impart for our daily lives. The author has four cats of her own who served as models for this book.

Visiting the Dog Park: Having Fun Staying Safe
by Cheryl S. Smith
Dog Wise Publishing, 2007, 128 pp. $11.95
Cheryl Smith has written a comprehensive common-sense manual telling dog owners how to make the best of the dog park experience. Not only is this an interesting, well written book, but it is also an invaluable guide to dog park use.

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