Summer 2013 Magazine

Meet New Mexico Authors

Terrie Q. Sayre, Terrie Q & Travelin' Jack's Pet Friends, Rio Grande Books, 2013, 90pp. $24.95

This collection of animal photos put together by Terrie Q. Sayre of 770 KKOB radio and Travelin' Jack, celebrates New Mexico pets and their humans. These animals guard and love famous New Mexicans such as Governor Susanna Martinez, Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry, Los Ranchos Mayor Larry Abraham, media personalities Mark Ronchetti, and Terri Sayre, and authors Rudolfo Anaya, Anne Hillerman, and Slim Randles. All of these people and pets contributed photos to this book because they are fans of animal adoption. The sales of the book are being donated to various animal charities. A portion of the sales goes to Kennel Kompadres and Save Lucky Paws. Kennel Kompadres is the friends organization for the Albuquerque City Animal Welfare Department, which supports humane education, adoptions and the City spay/neuter voucher program. Save Lucky Paws is the official non-profit which supports the Lucky Paws adoption site in Coronado Mall.

Stan Renfro, Native Star, Fidell Publishing, 2009, 88pp, 9.95

Stan Renfro recently retired from teaching Navajo Studies and English at Wingate High School in Ft. Wingate, NM. His book of poetry, Native Star, is divided into three sections. "Consuelo" is an affirmation of the mother-son bond. Both are in the process of maturing as is the bond itself. The next poem "Comet!," was inspired by Hale-Bopp's passage through the stars in 1996-97. The main section of this book is "Scoshee: A Memorial." The love Renfro felt for his dog Scoshee and the joy the dog brought to his life is beautifully told in a series of poems. Taken by death much sooner than Scoshee should have been, this section is an elegy to the bond between a hot-dog-loving dog and its person. Scoshee's indomitable spirit lingers in these poems and the reader can almost see Scoshee racing across the hills. There will be other dogs in Renfro's life but this particular one will never leave his heart. The book is available on the author's website at

Joanne Wells, Princess Foxy Blue, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010, 106pp., $8.00

Joanne Wells, Lucky Day, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012, 98pp., $8.00

Joanne Wells taught elementary school in Albuquerque. She also volunteered at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department where she participated in the humane education outreach program. She took a dog to various elementary schools where she talked to children about proper pet care and kind treatment to animals. She is also a watercolor painter.

Princess Foxy Blue tells the story of a dog from an abusive home. The woman leaves the house to avoid further abuse and takes the dog with her so the abuser won't hurt the dog again. She dumps the dog in a nice neighborhood and and hopes someone will take her. Eventually the neighbors decide to take this scrawny dog rather than turn her in to the city shelter where she might be euthanized. The dog is black and white with one brown eye and one blue eye. She goes to live with one of the families and learns to be a wonderful companion. The family names her Princess Foxy Blue. When her person adopts an orange tabby kitten, Princess must learn to treat the kitten well and not try to catch it the way she does with small animals in the yard. Princess has another lesson to learn when a baby is introduced into the household. Throughout the story Wells gives hints on what to do and not do to make your dog into a wonderful family pet.

Lucky Day is the story of Mr. Meow, a wonderful, gentle cat who is left homeless when his person dies. He has many adventures as a homeless cat until he manages to find his way back to the place he used to live. His house has been torn down so neighborhood children feed him but he has no where to live. He makes a home in an abandoned dog house and then becomes a pet to the woman who lives in the house. When she and her husband can't keep him, the woman tries to find him a new home. She checks with everyone she knows until she finds a family who will take him. The new family changes his name to Lucky because it was a lucky day for him and them when he came to live at their house. This book also has tips with the chapters that help the reader understand how to treat a cat.

Both books teach compassion and kindness for furry creatures. They give the reader ideas on how to handle various situations animals might face and also let you know what you shouldn't do. These books would be good for teaching children how to get along with the animals in their lives.

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