Summer 2013 Magazine


It is with sadness but also pride that I must tell our loyal readers this is the final regular issue of PETroglyphs. For 17 years PETroglyphs has worked diligently to fulfill its mission of educating New Mexicans about animals and animal issues. We are proud of what we have produced and believe we have made readers more aware of how to care for animals, what people are doing throughout the state to help animals and introduced New Mexicans to larger national animal issues. We consistently have tried to be a voice for the voiceless.

The way information is delivered has changed drastically in 17 years. With the growth of the Internet, social media and digital means of accessing information, print journalism is not as vital or timely for getting out the news as it once was. PETroglyphs is facing that reality.

We will move to having more of a presence on the Internet by way of Facebook and other outlets. Our PETroglyphs' article archives, The New Mexico Animal Resource Directory and The Scoop on Animal Books still will be available at our website,

PETroglyphs will publish one more issue in December, 2013. It will be a retrospective on the last 17 years of articles, themes, and photos. We hope it will serve as a fitting tribute to our time as part of New Mexico's animal scene. This issue will be mailed to readers and delivered to our regular distributors.

The PETroglyphs' staff is asking one last favor or our readers. If you would like to make a comment about PETroglyphs, what it has meant to you over the years, the things we've done well, what it's meant to your animal group to be featured in PETroglyphs, etc. please send your comments to You can also mail them to PETroglyphs, 7601 Vista del Arroyo NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109. We would like to publish some of them in the tribute issue.

The PETroglyphs' staff thanks New Mexico and our readers for making the past 17 years exceptional ones for us. We also wish to thank the people who have delivered PETroglyphs for us for many years. They are Donna Bradley, Suzanne DeWitt, Pat McCraw and Bob Strong. Without them we wouldn't have been able to get PETroglyphs to all the grooming salons, vet offices and libraries that we've served. Our thanks also to Speedzone Printing for the lovely job they do on printing each issue, and to Mail Quick, Inc. and Southwest Mail Center for mailing out our issues. We couldn't have done this without you. Our thanks also to the many people who have helped PETroglyphs over our long history by writing, editing and giving counsel.

It has been a pleasure to serve all of you by bringing you the animal news. Our animals deserve the best we can give them - always.

Nancy Marano, Editor
Deborah Schildkraut, Columnist/Contributing Editor
Lynn Cumiskey, Layout
River Lark Madison, Advertising Manager
Cynthia Richards, Secretary/Treasurer
Norma Southard, Vice President
Susanne Brannan, Contributor

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