Summer 2009 Newsletter

Kali Tells Us What Heaven Is Like

By Leta Worthington

Ellie Blair's grief was unbearable when she put her beloved nine-year-old cat Kali, to sleep due to heart disease. "Kali was my friend, my source of joy and laughter. She was larger than life iin so many ways. I wanted to honor her passing by allowing her the opportunity to talk to me through an animal communicator."

I have two other wonderful cats. Ben, my silver and peach tabby, is eight-years-old, and Boris, my little gray and white three-year-old, who is full of love and life. I am happy to say that I don't completely remember what life was like before these animals came to me. Ellie Blair is originally from Scotland but has lived in Taos almost 11 years. She's involved in Celtic culture and is a radio broadcaster.

I had a most wonderful chat with a cat, Kali, this past week. Kali passed over, with help from her beloved person, Ellie, on April 29th after struggling with heart disease for quite some time, and she talked to me from what I can only describe as "Heaven." Ellie asked me to see if I might be able to contact Kali's spirit. She wanted to know whether Kali was all right and had crossed over the rainbow bridge safely. Ellie needed to know if she'd done the right thing by employing euthanasia to help relieve Kali's suffering and move on. In her grief-stricken state, Ellie doubted her own actions.

Ellie hoped that contacting Kali would not only reassure her that Kali was okay, but would also bring more closure and peace of mind for herself.

The grief following the death of one of our animal family is no different from that felt when one loses a human family member. In fact for many people it's even more intense. The grieving process must be acknowledged and honored in order to get through it and come out whole. This isn't always easy when grief is over an animal because our culture doesn't readily provide support and understanding equal to its impact. But grieve we must. And yes, there is something about contacting the spirit of the departed and learning that it still lives on and is doing well that is infinitely comforting in these situations.

We found Kali at "cloud height," a level at which I often locate spirits within the first couple of weeks after passing. This level seems to be a common one for the spirit once it has finished separating from its physical body and been cleared of the attendant weightiness. Sometimes this process of clearing takes a while, and there usually seems to be a phase of what could be called comatosis after passing (especially after death from a sudden accident or dire illness) before a spirit awakens refreshed and relieved and ready to take its next step.

Kali loomed huge and imposing and immediately showed me her direct and dry sense of humor by batting at the "veil" between her level and ours. This plus other playful visuals let us know right away that she was in a good place and feeling spunky and happy.

Besides the intimate messages that went back and forth between Kali and Ellie, Kali showed me in visuals and mental impressions just what her current surroundings were like. I've received hints of this from animals before, but Kali really described it. Here are the notes I took from that part of the session. They are reproduced with Kali and Ellie's full permission:

Kali shows me it is a little like being in an airplane that is flying through clouds. There are all kinds of other beings and things around her which we would not be able to see with our limited perceptions. There's a lot of color, a few other animals whom I assume are in the same stage of passage, definitely angelic spirits, little elf-like nature spirits, green grass that she keeps showing me - she seems delighted by that - other plants and flowers. She even shows me a fluffy cat bed. But all of these come and go in her perception, as she desires to see them. It's not like they are permanent fixtures. Rather, they just appear automatically and instantly, as she needs them or thinks of them. She shows me there are many who care for her who seem to take a few different forms, but they don't hover or fawn over her every minute because she doesn't want that. They are there though and aware all the time of what is going on for her. She shows me how she approaches one to be fed and how that was handled. It was in what I can only describe as mime. But it satisfied her and helped her learn that she didn't really need or want food in the same way now.

I think what's important is that Kali showed me the spirit receives exactly what it needs when it on this level of passage where it is still getting used to being out of body. So the picture would be different for each.

When the spirit moves on to higher planes depends upon its needs, but how reassuring to know there exists this safe haven in Heaven when one wakes up on the other side.

Thank you, Kali, for showing us this so clearly!

Leta Worthington has practiced and taught animal communication for 15 years. She lives in Cerrillos, New Mexico, with her extended animal family. Visit Leta's blog, "A Day In The Life . of an animal communicator" at

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