Spring 2012 Magazine

Kari Winters Kitty Cat Corner

Kari Winters was an animal rescuer before her premature death in 2009. She never refused a cat or dog who needed her help. Kari rescued them, loved them, nurtured them and sent them to forever homes with the best she could give them. Kari, an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, cared for the emotional and physical needs of her fosters. Adopters were lucky to receive an animal Kari had fostered because they were trained and filled with love.

She did her rescue work in New Mexico for Felines and Friends and the City of Albuquerque. Now the City is paying tribute to Kari and her work by naming the cat area of the renovated Eastside Shelter in her honor. The Kari Winters Kitty Cat Corner includes all the viewing rooms, treatment and bonding rooms.

The naming of this area in honor of Kari became reality when Kennel Kompadres, the non-profit fundraising and support group for the Albuquerque shelters, received a generous, anonymous donation designated for this purpose.

On March 21, 2012, the Kari Winters Kitty Cat Corner was dedicated. Steve Stucker, broadcaster and meteorologist for KOB-TV, broadcast the Noon News show from the Eastside Shelter. He interviewed Vickie Fisher, President of Kennel Kompadres and The International Cat Association (TICA), and Barbara Bruin, Director of the Albuquerque shelters.

Fisher explained that anyone could purchase a Kari Winters sponsorship to name one of the 10 rooms within the Kari Winters Kitty Cat Corner. These sponsorships are $1,000 dollars for a year and $1,500 for two years. The first sponsorship was purchased by TICA which leaves nine sponsorships available for purchase. It is also possible to buy a plaque for the Tribute Wall to honor an animal or family member. If you wish more information on sponsorships or plaques, contact kennelkompadres@gmail.com.

Kari was heavily involved in the Mayor and First Lady's Dog Ball sponsored by the City of Albuquerque and Kennel Kompadres. Bruin said the proceeds from this year's Dog Ball would go for shelter spay and neuter programs. Spaying and neutering is the way to end animal overpopulation safely. For further information on Albuquerque's spay and neuter programs go to www.cabq.gov/pets/spay-neuter.

Kari, an active member of the Cat Writers' Association, wrote award-winning articles about cats. She often wrote about cats with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and the advances in the treatment of this disease.

Kari's many friends in Albuquerque will be cheered when they see the bright, beckoning sign for the Kari Winters Kitty Cat Corner each time they walk into the Eastside Shelter. It will always bring back memories of Kari's love for animals and her efforts to make her adopted city as good as it should be in helping rescue and adopt animals.

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