Spring 2010 Magazine

Informative and Fun Websites and Videos

Many websites provide helpful information for you and your animals. PETroglyphs will begin listing ones that come to our attention as being useful, fun or educational. If you have a favorite animal-related website, please share it with us at nmarano@aol.com. Put "Animal Website" in the subject line.

We will begin with some of the larger animal organizations. These websites are full of useful tips, interesting articles and new products.

1. www.akc.org
The American Kennel Club is the authoritative voice of pedigreed dogs. Now they recognize mixed-breed dogs as well through the AKC Canine Partners program. This site is filled with information about dog breeds, health and care information, training, tournaments, dog-related books, legislative matters and a host of other information helpful in raising your dog.

2. www.cfainc.org
CFA is the oldest cat registry. Its original objectives were the welfare of cats and the improvement of the breeds, as well as the running and management of cat shows. CFA has gone beyond its objectives to deal with legislative issues pertaining to all cats, health and care issues, training, rescue of purebred cats in animal shelters, a food pantry and a breeder assistance program.

3. www.tica.org
The International Cat Organization has members and clubs in Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. It recognizes 55 breeds of cats for championship competition and is also the largest registry of household pet cats and kittens. TICA works with new breeds, holds continuing education seminars for judges and members, and has a Junior Exhibitor's Program to train young people in the ways of the cat fancy.

4. www.rabbit.org
The House Rabbit Society (HRS) was founded in 1988. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care. It is headquartered in Richmond, CA and has over 120 licensed educators and fosterers and 30 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. There is a chapter in New Mexico, HRS believes domestic rabbits should live primarily indoors and be neutered or spayed. They provide all the information to help you keep rabbits indoors.

All of these groups have excellent e-newsletters you can subscribe to for free.

Everyone needs a break in these days and if you get a laugh at the same time, that's even better. Here are two videos with messages that are guaranteed to at least make you smile - loudly.

Super Bowl viewers might remember this Doritos commercial with a message. For everyone who thinks shock collars should be banned here's sweet revenge.

We all know our animals keep busy during the day when we aren't home. Now thanks to a hidden camera you can see what they are doing. This video will also give you an idea of why email was invented.

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