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Responses to Michael Vick Questions

In the Winter issue of PETroglyphs we asked readers to respond to questions about whether they thought Michael Vick's apology was sincere and should be accepted and whether his work with children discussing dogfighting would help make people more aware of the horrors of animal abuse. He served his sentence and was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles. Now he's won the Ed Block Courage Award which honors players who exemplify commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage.

Here are some of your responses to our questions.

Einar E. Kvaran

"I am a lifelong dog owner, (ignoring for now the issue about who really owns whom) living with another lifelong dog owner and three of those critters. I have not seen a football game (excluding a Super bowl or two) since tossing out my TV years ago. I figured that I would just respond to your points pretty much as you presented them.

Do you believe Michael Vick is repentant for the heinous crimes he committed against other sentient beings for money and pleasure and should be forgiven?
No, I do not. He no doubt (two more words meaning "my opinion) feels bad about getting caught, but I doubt that he has changed his inner outlook much.
Do you believe he should do some form of public service involving donations of time and money to animal organizations who rescue dogs in order to show the world he is trying to make amends for his crimes?
It would be wonderful if he choose to do so, a sign of real repentance, but I feel that the law should dictate this sort of thing and since they did not do so, he should not be required to do so.
He has served his time for his crimes. Now should he be allowed to rejoin the human community with no further recriminations or protests?
I agree with this, pretty strongly.
Should he be allowed to profit once again from his athletic talent as long as he stays away from dog fighting or any other form of animal abuse?
Absolutely. Would forcing him to be a garbage man, for example, help any sentient beings? I think not.
Should he be talking to youngsters about his experiences and trying to convince them that dog fighting and animal abuse is wrong?
It is up to Michael to know what he should be doing. It would be nice if that's what he did, but that's up to him."

Beth James

"I think all of us need to take Michael's repentance at face value. Still, we should err on the side of caution. People are able to change.and yet his crimes were very recent, even given his prison time. He has yet to prove that he is truly sorry for brutally murdering dogs, and fighting them. I believe, however, that whoever is on the side of right is not wrong! If he is now working toward the elimination of dog fighting, and talking to kids about it, he is no longer acting in his former evil ways. In some ways, his experience with the illegal activity might make his talks with youngsters even more convincing. He is able to give the point of view of someone who has had to pay for his wrongs. (Not enough time in prison though, in my opinion!) .It is wonderful that he has had a change of heart. I strongly believe he should continue community service and/or donations to the anti-animal cruelty cause, indefinitely! I think how he earns his money, however, and how much, outside of prison, is his business. In any case, he seems to be using his public status to help."

Ellie Blair

"The images on television of the horror, violence, and abuse towards dogs that Michael Vick condoned, encouraged, and probably enjoyed will stay forever in my memory. I believe his only regret is that he got caught. His life will never be the same regardless of his re-entering the world of football because any animal loving person (and there are many of us) will always look at him as the perpetrator of cruelty and abuse of innocent dogs. As far as making amends, he probably thinks he's done his bit by serving time. Yes, he should now be an active advocate for stopping this hideous behavior and getting out to schools to talk to children about it. I really am a compassionate person but I hope that every time he has to look in to the eyes of any dog, any animal, he'll be reminded of what he was capable of during that time in his life".


"In my opinion Michael Vick is a sociopath. He is sorry he got caught, not that he killed animals. If you listen to him speak about his crimes, there is no emotion. He sounds like a well rehearsed robot.

Michael Vick should never be forgiven for murdering helpless dogs. He even had his own family dogs fight.

He should do community service for 5 years and donate 25% of his salary (before taxes) to animal rights organizations for the rest of his life. This would always be a reminder of what he did.

I have a problem with his continuing to profit from football, but it is all he knows how to do. I guess it is better than him being on welfare.

I don't think Vick should ever be allowed to speak to children about anything. He is not a role model."

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