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Free??? There’s No Such Animal!

People often just don’t realize until it is too late. As humane volunteers we decided you would probably much rather know than make the same mistake. It is always wiser to be forewarned.

In today’s society, where money is everything, animals given “free” to a good home are easily assumed to be worthless. People have absolutely no incentive to take care of a free animal, or to protect it. They certainly don’t hesitate to ‘get rid of it’ as easily as the got it. Why should they invest in something that didn’t cost them anything to begin with?

Kittens, puppies, rabbits, cats and small dogs are fed to snakes, used to train fighting dogs, in satanic rituals, are often tortured, and also used for human consumption. Unfortunately, these things happen quite frequently.

“Class B Dealers”, (individuals who are licensed by the USDA to buy and sell animals to research) obtain animals “free” to a good home and in turn sell them to a life of terror. While it is illegal to obtain the animals under false pretense, it is a law, not easily or often enforced. If you hesitate to believe this fact, please call us at (817) 379-0969. We will show you a USDA Listing of Class “B” Dealers in your area.

Many of the reasons listed here are what drives humane societies and rescue groups to screen adopters. Often seen as an inconvenience and an intrusion of privacy by some, it is a virtual life preserver for pets we adopt out. As we see it, there’s no such thing as a “free” animal.

Volunteers who work endless hours to save pets from the horrors of abuse and homelessness bring this message to you. Permission to reproduce this information and distribute is granted, encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Ahimsa Inc. (of Texas) -
1875 Ottinger Rd.
Roanoke, TX 76262-9136
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