New Mexico's Pet Resource WINTER 2003


Haikus and drawings by Ms. Fenchel's 2nd grade class at Zia Elementary School, Albuquerque. Holiday drawings by Ms. Schildkrautís 2nd grade class at Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School, Santa Fe.

The kitten is big.
She is four years old, and fast.
And nice to people.
-Felicia Justene Weller

A snake can slip slide.
And it hisses like a mouse.
It likes food, like mice.
-Keanu Jones

Snakes are slimy fast.
Slither quick across the ground.
Makes me very scared.
-Darius Hargrove.

My dog can do tricks.
My dog looks like a black cat.
My dog chases cats.
-Jasmine Martin

The rabbit jumps round.
White as snow she sleeps ears down.
She likes ham and cheese.
-Tara Abrey

The mealworm crawls slow.
Can he do tricks? Yes, no, yes.
Flips, spins, climbs, stands, eats.
-Zoah Snitker Gordon

The snake he can slide so fast.
Bowling ball rolling like wind.
Playing racing game.
-Andy Brand

Butterflies are cool.
I can see a butterfly.
Butterflies eat worms.
-Jessika Steiniger

Octopus likes crabs.
To eat for lunch and dinner.
Eight legs, wet, slimy.
-Alex Smith

Dog fast and cute and nice.
Its name is Scoobey-dooy.
He can run fast. Nice.

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