New Mexico's Pet Resource SUMMER 2002


Ms. Corneliusís Fourth Grade Class at Velarde Elementary Talks about Their Pets

My Familyís Cats by Jose Lino Pacheco III

A month after I was born, we were scheduled to take a family portrait. There was a real bad storm in Santa Fe where we lived at the time. My mom's cat Tara got into my sister's truck engine to keep warm, so when we left my sister started her truck and Tara got hurt, and that was the last time we saw her alive. Tara is a gray furry cat and used to think my mom was her mom because Tara used to climb on her and suck on my mom's neck till she fell asleep. A year later we moved to Velarde N.M. and the wood was getting loaded on the truck and at that time she was found under the stack of wood, her body form was still intact. My mom was heartbroken when Tara disappeared and she buried her before we left, we were also having a snow storm when we moved. Tara was my mom's very first cat.

A few years went by and Lorraine's cat had some kittens, for some reason one of the kittens followed my sister and my mom back home, so my sister took her back to Lorraine. The next morning Lorraine's son brought the kitty for my mom to have except the kitten was sick, so my mom had to nursed her back to health and the kitten was named My Babies. She was also gray and furry with white paws just like Tara and My Babies would only go with my mom. I would always play with her with my laser light and she would try to catch it but she could never catch it. We had her for a few years, then one night she went outside and never returned.

Muffin is a sister to Kara and a daughter to my sister's cat Wedda. She was a short haired cat, was mostly white, she also had some brown and black spots. At one time I left to my grandma Mary's house and Muffin stayed under the house and didn't come out until I called her. Every night she would lick my hair until I fell asleep. I think that proves how much she loved me, then one night she went outside and never returned.

About two months after we couldn't find My Babies we got Kara from my sister Gwen, once we brought Kara back with us she went right under my ed and did not come out so we had to bribe her with cat food so then finally she came out from under the bed and slept with me. Six months later Kara was pregnant, two months past and Kara had her kittens they were born on my sister's birthday February 20th, 2001. We named the black with white paws Cream Puff and a orange with some dark orange. But Kara didn't bond with them till she got spaded a year later. So during that time my mom and I took care of them we had to feed them with a syringe.

Raptor took over Cream Puff's care since Kara didn't bond with them. Raptor always played hide and seek with Cream Puff and he would lick Cream Puff. For some reason Raptor wanted to put earring hole in my ear and he used to lick my hair just like Muffin did. Raptor always likes to sit inside the tub and that day my mom was cleaning it and she filled it up with water and Raptor didn't know it so he jumped right in and realized that there was water in the tub and suddenly he turned in midair and he got out dry as a bone. Every once and a while Raptor will suck on Kara's chest and I said to him "Do you like to suck on air or what!"

Cream Puff is black and furry with white tummy and paws and very soft. She is very loving she even lets you carry her in any direction you want. She loves to play. She got bitten by a dog and was shot with a pellet gun and she always has cactuses. My mom takes care of all her wounds. We thought Cream Puff was a female so my mom took her to be spaded and the vet told her that you want her spaded right my mom said "Yes its for females right?" The vet said "Yes but it's a male." So my mom told the vet show me and when my mom saw it she was so shocked that she didn't remember the cats name.

Your Pets by Shyann

Do not leave your pets or pet out in the cold. Do not give your pet Tylenol. If your pet has ticks call your veterinarian and buy what your vet recommends.

Junior by Fabian

My dog Junior has learned to play basketball, defense only. He has also learned to fetch. Itís not just fun and games. We have three other dogs. We can't give them ice water, hot water, chocolate, and bones. These are only some things you should keep your dog away from. Plus only buy what your vet tells you to.

Save your Dogs and Cats by Eidy Dominguez

Tylenol is bad for cats, and probably for dogs too. Collars are bad for dogs if they are too tight and don't tie your dogs. Don't give dogs unions to eat. Save their lives.

The Cat that No Dog Will Bother. My Cat!!! by Emilio Valdez

She is an ancient piece of history. She is old and thin. She is 16 years old. She is a long haired calico named Shasta. She taught ever dog we brought home. She said that she was the boss and not to mess with her as long as she was alive, but man, you should see her kill a mouse!

About Dogs by Kala Barrett

You have to put tick shampoos on dogs to get the ticks off the dog. And I feed my dogs once a day. You should not chain a dog up. Don't feed your dogs chocolate. Spay and neuter your dogs. There are too many dogs and cats dying. Don't let your dogs run off.

Cat by Stephanie Martinez

My cat is healthy. I feed my cat and give her water. I plan with my cat every day because that is her exercise. I spayed my cat. Spaying and neutering is important. My cat's name is Sugar. I give my cat love. That's my story!!

Dog Tips by Byron Montoya

Do not let a dog drive a car because he will wreck the car and don't feed him chocolate.

My Cat by Peter Serrano

My cat had her babies Saturday, April 26. She had 4 kitties. We were going to spay her, but she was already pregnant. So after that, since she had her babies, we decided to put a cushion on the couch in the way so the kitties don't crawl to the edge, and fall down and die. After that, we choose who gets which cat and I picked the one that just looked like her mother and since there were 4 kitties and 4 of us in the house, we each get on kitten. I like kitties because they have small ears, round funny heads and when they meow, they sound so funny and cute. All day they drink their mother's milk and sleep. Never give little kitties human milk.

My Chameleon: How to Take Care of Joe by Steven

Rule 1: Never let him or her go outside.
Rule 2: Don't let him or her around other pets.
Rule 3: Don't let him or her eat other foods.
Rule 4.: Don't let him or her in a cold place in your house.

My Dog Keno by Vicente Romero

When my dog, Keno, was a puppy, he did not steal toys. Now he steals. One time he stole a rubber bone and a doll with one leg and hand. I took it to the little girl the next day. The doll and bone were on the porch again. I took them back and my dog bit the girl and ran under the house. I got the doll and bone, but they were torn in half and I got mad, but he gave me a puppy face. I just patted him on the head lightly and told my mom. I would always be nice to him.

My Dog by Salvador Ortiz

One time I had a dog that I called Chocolate. Never ever give your dog or cat chocolate or bones, because if you give it chocolate, it can die in 60 seconds. You have to feed your dog about 7 times a day and give it water 10 times a day.

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