New Mexico's Pet Resource SPRING 2002



Julie McVay teaches kindergarten at Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary School in Albuquerque. Her students drew and wrote about their own pets or pets they would like to have.


I give my turtle food and water. I also feed my fish and clean its bowl.- Alison

I love my bird. I give him food.- Makenzie

My dog is Cleo. I pet her and love her- Riley

My hamsters are Spot, Dot and Spotty. My hamsters make me feel warm when I hold them. - Alexandra

I feed my puppy food and water. Sometimes I give him treats.

Lacey is my dog. I feed her dog food. - Nathanael

I take care of my fish by feeding them every other day. -Emma

I would feed my fish every day.- Caroline

I feed and clean up after my turtle. I love him with all my might. - Lacy

My newt is standing on a rock. I fed him 5 crickets a day. - Alex

I feed my lizard crickets. -Bradley

I brush my dog, Libby. -Jake

I feed my fish a little bit of fish food every day. -Melanie

I take care of my lizard Buck, by feeding him crickets. -Trevor

My cat is Sammy. He sleeps with me in my bed. -Skyeanne

A turtle by Jake.

I feed my cat food. -Andre

My lizard protects hamsters from crickets. -Jacob

I am taking my dog Austin for a walk - Marcela

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