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Gabrielle Gemar and Mr. Wright teach multi-age level classes at E.J. Martinez Elementary. The following poems, stories and experiences are derived from her Compassion Project. The students involved in the Compassion Project did many hands-on activities to learn about animals and help the animals in their community that are in need by volunteering at the Animal Shelter and fostering rabbits.

Hello, my name is Veronica Rodriguez and I go to E.J. Martinez. I'm in the 6th grade going to 7th. My class and I have been doing service learning for three months and it has been a blast for us. We went to the Animal Shelter two times and got to look at the dogs and studied about how they suffered and got there. We also went to Talking Talons, an animal shelter in Tijeras, a couple of times.

But anyway, we also went to the Service Learning Fair and got to learn how people help other people through service learning. It was very interesting. We also did poetry, acrostics and haikus with Gabrielle Gemar. Our school and I are trying to find owners to adopt a cute bunny. Call 989-5486.

What I really like best about the project was the two kind policemen who came to our school and brought cute dogs that were trained and very smart. Well, anyway, the police brought some cotton that smelled like cocaine and they hid the cotton so the dogs would find it to test them if they were smart.

---Veronica Rodriguez
6th grade
Mr. Wright

Zero Happiness
Outstanding dog
exciting friend

----Candace Trujillo
5th grade
Maria Rael

Likes to play a lot
A kind dog
Doesn't like cats
Yucky stuff she eats

----Ashley Quintana
5th grade
Mr. Wright

Mikey loves me
I love Mikey
kicks the door
He eats bones
You will like him.

---Anastasia Holmes
4th grade
Ms. Gemar

My Turtle
My blue eyed long necked turtle,
he rolls around in his shell
I feel silly

---Jonathan Armijo
4th grade
Mr. Wright

The Espanola Wildlife Center visited our classroom with their birds. The students wrote poems and descriptions of this experience.

Once I saw a bird and he looked like a soft pillow.
He looked like a skinny tooth pick.
Now he looks like a clown.

---Cyrus Montoya
4th grade
Ms. Gemar

Once there was a nice owl that was hurt and in pain.
He felt like the world was ending.
Now he is loved, cared for and has a nice house.
And now he looks like a beautiful, bright king.

---Veronica Rodriguez
6th grade
Mr. Wright

Once I saw an owl named Oscar who looked like a
shaking washing machine.
He was feeling like a rock.
Now he is a furball.
He looks like a happy person.

---Jonathan Armijo
4th grade
Mr. Wright

I saw a baby bird. He broke his wing.
Now he is big and healthy and his wing is healed.
He is a black hawk. His eyes look like moons.
He feels like cotton.

---Juaquin Moreno
5th grade

Likes to run around
Uses lots of toys
Cute kind of dog.
Kites are his favorite.
Everything is fun for him.
Young, big dog.

---Lettisha Casados
5th grade
Mr. Wright

Animal Haikus
Red, green, blue and pink
They look like a stream of birds
chasing the sunset.

---CJ Lopez
5th grade
Mr. Wright

The Purple Bee
It is like a bee
It is flying in the air
to the orange mountains.

---Daniela Solano
5th grade
Mr. Wright

A Bear's Life
Drifting through the forest
Hunting for his baby cubs
Scaring everything

---Justin Duran
5th grade
Mr. Wright

Animals at Talking Talons
I like Nejone. He was cool.
He eats quail. I wouldn't eat quail.
I liked the owl too.
The owl can turn his head 180 degrees.
That's interesting, don't you think?

---Juaquin Moreno
5th grade
Mr. Wright

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