New Mexico's Pet ResourceWINTER/SPRING 2000


Hereís a whole new page, specially for kids.

It will be a fun page, with things to learn and do. We ask kids to feel free to write us with any comments or things youíd like to say concerning animals.

Sometimes, when you see a dog, itís just so tempting to run up and pat him or her. Although most dogs are friendly and gentle and would love nothing more than to lick your face and be petted by you, some dogs might bite. This can be for many reasons, such as being scared or suddenly surprised, or because you are near their food or because they are protecting someone. The best idea is to follow these rules to protect yourself from a dog bite.

    Do not stare into a dogís eyes.

    Do not tease dogs behind fences.

    Do not go near dogs chained up in yards.

    Do not touch a dog you see who is off a leash.

    If you see a loose dog, tell an adult immediately.

    Do not run and scream if a loose dog comes near you. Instead, stand very still and be quiet.

    Do not touch or play with a dog while he or she is eating.

    Do not surprise a dog when he or she is sleeping.

    Only pet a dog if you have permission from the dogís owner.

    Ask permission from a dog to pet him or her by letting him or her sniff your closed hand.


And remember, be kind to animals. We thank the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for these words of wisdom, and St. Hubertís Giralda Animal Welfare and Education Center for the cartoon.

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