New Mexico's Pet Resource SUMMER 2003


Fun and Games

by Nancy Marano

“Did you know June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month, Cleo?”

“I heard that, Max.”

“Does that mean someone will adopt you, Cleo?”

“Oh, Max, you and I already have a home with Sally. We just work for the shelter.”

“Right, I forgot.”

“But it’s a chance for our friends Shasta, Annie, Jack and Tom to find homes. You remember how lonely you and I were when we had to stay at the shelter. We never thought anyone would adopt us. Well, our friends have been living in the cattery a long time.”

“Cattery, what’s that?”

“A cattery is what you call a place where a lot of cats live together.”

“Won’t they miss the other cats, if they get adopted?”

“They’ll have a whole new family to live with, so I don’t think they’ll be lonely for long. There might be a dog or cat in their new family who will be their friend.”

“It sure is nice to have your own home isn’t it, Cleo?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Will they have their own bed and go on walks? Maybe they’ll get to ride in the car.”

“Cats don’t need to go for walks, Max. That’s a dog thing. Cats get to have a litter box when they need to go to the bathroom. But any cat would like a nice comfy bed of its own and some new toys.”

“Do you think there’s an Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month?”

“I’m sure there is, Max. It wouldn’t be right if only the cats were adopted.”’

“Cleo, do you think people will remember to go to the shelter first if they want a cat or dog for a pet?”

“I hope so, Max. Shelter animals need homes so much, and they make the best pets. They just want to be part of a family where they will be cared for and loved. They want to be forever pets.”

“We’re forever pets, aren’t we, Cleo?”

“Yes, Max, we’re the luckiest animals in the world. Let’s find Sally now and let her know how much we love her.”


Zoo animals: hippopotamus, giraffe, elephant, tiger
Pets: dog, parrot, cat
Wild animals: 1. lion 2. snake 3. crocodile 4. elephant 5. snake 6. monkey 7. elephant
8. giraffe, elephant (usually) 9. crocodile 10. monkey

(Thanks to the American Veterinary Medical Association for the fun and games).

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