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What is the mission of your group?

The mission of the Sundance Ranch Feline Sanctuary is to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect and exploitation of domestic felines and to assure that their interests and well-being are fully and humanely guaranteed by an aware and caring society.

What is the group’s history?

Founded in 2002, the Sundance Ranch Feline Sanctuary is Eastern New Mexico’s only organization dedicated exclusively to feline protection. From its headquarters in Clovis, NM, the Sundance Ranch provides national leadership in the development of programs, policies, and services on behalf of felines who are abused, neglected, and abandoned.

How many members does your organization have?

We aren’t a membership organization. We have staff, volunteers and supporters.

Approximately how many animals do you take in every year and how many do you adopt out?

We take in 200+ cats and kittens. We adopt 75-100 cats and kittens to private individuals. Some cats with special needs requirements are sent to other no-kill organizations.

What requirements do you have for the intake of animals and for their placement?

We take in cats and kittens who are homeless, abused or neglected. Potential adopters must fill out a detailed application form with questions about animals they currently have, military status, what type of home they can provide, and type of animal they are seeking.

What is your adoption fee?

We charge $35 to adopt a cat. This includes appropriate shots, deworming, spay/neuter surgery, flea collar, tag, FIV/FelV test, and sample food.

What provisions do you have for the return of animals if they aren’t compatible with their adopters?

Adopters are required to return cats/kittens to us. We have only had two returns in the three years we’ve been operating.

Do you accept kitten mill kittens?

We’ve never encountered this situation.

What is your policy toward feral cats?

We don’t accept feral cats.

What is your policy toward euthanasia?

We only euthanize if the cat has been diagnosed with a fatal disease.

Do you use a foster based system or do you have a physical building to house the animals?

We have complete housing for the animals. Each “cat unit” is a group home for 20-30 cats/kittens of approximately the same age group. We also have foster care for the cats and kittens who need additional socialization with people, dogs, or even other cats.

How is the group financed?

We are financed totally through private donations. We don’t accept grants, subsidies, or contracts, just donated money.

What do you need in terms of volunteers, goods, or services?

We have a large wish list. The cats would like towels, heating pads, travel carriers, grooming brushes, Feliway cartridges, Rescue Remedy Formula, cat beds, litter, and litter deodorizer. The staff could use: 6 ft. and 8 ft. plastic folding tables, folding chairs, gift certificates to Wal-Mart and Office Max, printer cartridges for a HP Officejet 6210 and an HP 4V Laser Printer. You can check the website for more needs. We always need more dedicated volunteers, too.

PETroglyphs thanks Doug Johnson for providing this information about Sundance Ranch Feline Sanctuary. If you would like to volunteer or donate to this group, you may contact them at: Sundance Ranch Feline Sanctuary, PO Box 5395, Clovis, NM 88102, 505-985-0089, on the web at or by e-mail at:

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