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Noah’s Ark, Inc.

Q. What’s the mission of the group?

A. In the simplest terms possible, our mission is to help animals and their owners. We are currently focusing on a companion animal spay/neuter certificate program that is responsible for sterilizing more than 4500 animals and a feral cat trap/neuter/return program. Noah’s Ark is in the process of planning and building a new animal shelter for Carlsbad. The new shelter will be owned by the city and managed by Noah’s Ark, but we felt that we needed to get the overpopulation issue under control before totally refocusing our efforts on the new shelter.

Q. What is the group’s history?

A. Noah’s Ark, Inc. has been in existence since 1996. We began with a small, no-kill, animal refuge which placed over 1000 animals in loving homes. Unfortunately, the location we were in wasn’t ideal, the building had many problems. We had to close the doors in October 2001. Since then we have been concentrating on our spay/neuter programs and raising funds for the new shelter. Noah’s Ark has a contract with the city to do all of the adoptions at the city shelter, and we have already seen a drastic decrease in the stray population, especially cats.

Noah’s Ark has approximately 200 paid annual memberships along with a dedicated staff of volunteers and employees who run the Cat’s Meow Thrift Store and handle the adoptions for the shelter.

Q. How is your group financed?

A. Noah’s Ark is financed in many ways, and we are grateful for every one of them. As is true of most non-profits, a large share of our funding is through memberships and private donations. We are lucky to also have a couple of grants. We receive funding from both the City of Carlsbad and Eddy County for our spay/neuter program. The Cat’s Meow Thrift Store brings in a very respectable amount, which we wouldn’t be able to do without all the wonderful donations of merchandise from the community.

Q. What do you need in terms of volunteers, goods, or services?

A. We are always looking for dependable help in the Cat’s Meow Thrift Store. Our volunteers do everything from running the cash register, pricing items and setting up displays to cleaning the store, unloading donations, and fixing whatever breaks.

Our Feral Cat TNR Program always needs new volunteers. They go out to local sites and trap feral cats one day a month. Then they transport them to the vet clinics for spaying or neutering where the cats spend a total of two nights. The volunteers are then responsible for transporting the cats back to their colonies and cleaning out the cages to get everything ready for the next month.

When the new shelter is built, we will be looking for volunteers to walk dogs, play with cats, groom animals, help with temperament testing, adoptions and the many other tasks involved with an animal shelter.

­PETroglyphs thanks Angela Cary for providing information about Noah’s Ark. If you would like to donate to the new shelter or volunteer in another capacity, contact them at: Noah’s Ark, 124 S. Canyon, Carlsbad, NM 88220. Phone: (505) 885-3655.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

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