New Mexico's Pet Resource FALL 2004


Spay Neuter: The Right Thing to Do
A book by Don Marshall

This new book by Don Marshall should be must reading for any group that wants to have a spay/neuter initiative in their community.

Using his own experiences with Noah’s Ark in Carlsbad, NM as a model, he shows the reader the pitfalls of such a program as well as the joys. This book shows groups the things they must do before starting a spay/neuter program, how to get the support of city and county governments, how to use the experience of experts to make your job easier, as well as what works and what doesn’t.

His message emphasizes several points that will help any organization that is working on behalf of animals to succeed.

Focus on the project that is most important. In Marshall’s opinion that is pet overpopulation because until that is controlled, the other needs of animals can’t be met.

Gather facts and data before approaching the city and county for funding. Be prepared.

Have a plan and know how it will be implemented.

Rely on the expertise of groups that have the resources, experience and ability to help you. There really is no point in reinventing the wheel.

Make sure that the animal groups in your area are pulling together in the same direction. This cooperation is an unbeatable force whether it comes to getting funding or having successful program results. Drop the egos at the door and remember that everything you do is for the benefit of the animals no matter who takes the credit.

Don Marshall has considerable experience working with animals. He has been involved in dog obedience competition; taught Puppy Kindergarten and obedience classes; trained service dogs and hearing dogs; participated in the Delta Pet Partner program and therapy dog programs through Therapet. He also works with spay neuter assistance programs through Noah’s Ark S.N.A.P. and SNAP-USA. He also works with trap/neuter/return programs for feral cats.

You can order a copy of this book directly from Don Marshall, PO Box 1402, Carlsbad, NM 88221. The price is $8.95. $1.00 of the price will be donated to Noah’s Ark S.N.A.P.


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