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What is the mission of your group?

To provide care for any and all unwanted, abandoned, and/or abused ferrets; to rehabilitate abused, injured or ill ferrets; to find suitable, permanent homes for all ferrets that are mentally and physically healthy enough to be adopted into new families; to provide a permanent safe and healthy environment for the ferrets that cannot be rehabilitated to the point of being able to exist in a family environment.

What is the group’s history?

Four Corners Ferret Rescue was started in 2003 by an individual who loves ferrets. Wanting to adopt my first ferret from a rescue, I discovered there was no ferret-specific shelter within 3 hours of me. After adopting my ferret Robbie, I started Four Corners Ferret Rescue. 

How many members does your organization have?

We are an all-volunteer, family-operated service that is available 24-hours a day for emergency rescues and information. We never charge a fee for rescuing ferrets.

Approximately how many animals do you take in every year?

We take in approximately 25 animals each year. 

How many animals do you adopt out each year?

We adopt out about 20 ferrets a year.  Ferrets who are too old or too ill to be adopted out become permanent members of my shelter family. Our sponsorship program assists the ferrets who are not adoptable due to extended care issues, old age, behavioral problems, etc. By sponsoring one of these ferrets you are helping defray the costs that are associated with the elderly and
sick ferrets.

What requirements do you have for intake of animals and adoption? Do you inquire about the past/present experience of potential adopters with pets or ask for references?

We are very selective about the homes where our ferrets are adopted. We have one of the most extensive procedures for adoption possible, which includes pre-adoption visits and a home inspection. We ask for references and conduct an interview with the potential adopter’s entire family. 

Do you make follow-up home visits or phone calls to adopters?

Yes. We try to keep in contact with each of our adoptive families to see how our guys are doing over the years.

What is your adoption fee and what does it cover? (i.e. does it cover shots, transportation and spay/neuter)

We charge $75 for single ferrets and $100 for bonded pairs.  (**NOTE** In some special cases this fee can be reduced.) This fee covers spay/neuter, descenting (the removal of the anal glands), and shots for a year. 

What are your provisions for the return of animals if they aren’t compatible with their adopters?

If it doesn’t work out, we gladly take any of our guys back, no questions asked.  We only want the best for them.  The original fee will be returned.

Do you accept ferret mill animals? If so, what is your policy toward their probable medical expenses and toward providing spay or neuter for them?

There aren’t too many “ferret mills” per se, but there are some very large breeders and some backyard breeders.  We provide spay/neuter and physical exams before placing any ferret for adoption in hopes of catching any serious medical problems. 

What is your policy concerning euthanasia?

If a ferret is seriously ill, has a terminal disease and is in pain, or has extensive injuries, then we feel the humane thing is to euthanize him. If the ferret has a chance, then we don’t euthanize.

Do you use a foster based system or do you have a physical building to house animals?

At the moment I use my own home to house all my animals. To join our register of foster homes call or email me for an interview. If you can provide a temporary home, even if it’s only for a few days, it would be much appreciated.

How is the group financed?

We are financed through personal funds. Money from adoptions covers the vet fees.

What do you need in terms of volunteers, goods, services, etc.?

Volunteers are needed to help with things such as cleaning cages, cutting nails, cleaning litter pans, doing laundry, and ESPECIALLY playing with the shelter kids.

Cleaning Supplies- Paper Towels-Swiffer Wet Wipes or any type of disinfecting wet wipe; Medical Examination Gloves (latex gloves)

Bedding- Blankets, Sleep Sacks, Hammocks

Toys- Ferret-safe or cat toys

Food-Path Valley Farms, Sheppard and Greene Adult Ferret Food, Totally Ferret, Gerber’s 2nd Stage Chicken Baby Food, Science Diet A/D Cat Food, FerretVite, FerretTone

Gift certificates to ferret veterinarians-

Valley Veterinary Clinic, 4390 E. Main, Farmington NM 87402, (505)326-2237. You can let them know it’s for Heather Stotz and Four Corners Ferret Rescue.

PETroglyphs thanks Heather Stotz, director of Four Corners Ferret Rescue, for providing this information. If you would like to volunteer or donate to this group, you may contact them at: Heather Stotz, Four Corners Ferret Rescue, 206 Mesilla Dr., Aztec, New Mexico 87410, (505)334-0982, on the web at, or by email at

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