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The “spokescat” for the NM Chapter is SABRINA, who together with 5 kittens, was found abandoned at a Los Angeles apartment complex in 1997. She moved to Santa Fe with her humans and 4 other cats in 2000 and worked as an “office cat” until January 2004. She is now semi-retired and has become a house-cat. While she doesn’t like making public appearances, she is very social with anyone she meets and is still listed as Director of PR for her human’s business.

Q. What is your group’s mission?

R. Our mission is as follows:

1. To promote kind and humane treatment of all animals;

2. To promote understanding of ownership and care of animals;

3. To promote early spay/neuter for all animals in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals euthanized in shelters;

4. To educate the public as to the health and safety benefits of early spay/neuter;

5. To provide low/no cost spay/neuter of cats and dogs;

6. To facilitate Trap/Neuter/Release projects where members of the community are feeding stray animals;

7. To promote the concept that each individual can make a difference.

Q. What is the group’s history?

R. The New Mexico Chapter of Felines & Friends was formed in mid-2002. In the short time since its formation the NM Chapter has already helped save the lives of over 400 animals who have been placed into wonderful new homes. Working in conjunction with the Española Animal Shelter, as well as area vets and individual rescuers, Felines & Friends provides an alternative for special needs and hard to place cats.

The NM Chapter has also facilitated the rescue and placement of a number of dogs, chickens, roosters and a duck. The Spokescat for this chapter is Sabrina (see photo caption.) The NM Chapter has 20 members including foster homes.

The original Felines & Friends organization was formed in 1990 by a group of people concerned with the welfare of cats and kittens and is made up of volunteers. Based on the west side of Los Angeles, Felines & Friends gained recognition in Southern California for its pro-active work in the rescue and placement of cats and dogs. The group’s primary concern is the welfare of cats and volunteers work tirelessly to educate the public in the care of felines, as well as to promote spaying/neutering, regular veterinary visits and feline dentistry.

Q. What animals do you rescue?

R. We help all types of animals but specialize in felines.

Q. How many animals to you take in every year and how many do you adopt out?

R. We take in approximately 200 animals per year and place 125-150 of them.

Q. What requirements do you have for the intake of animals and for their placement?

R. The intake of animals is based on the availability of space in foster homes. We have a fairly comprehensive pre-adoption questionnaire that must be filled out and then we check references, starting with the previous or current veterinarian.

Q. Do you make follow-up home visits or phone calls to adopters?

R. Yes.

Q. What is your adoption fee and what does it cover?

R. Our fee is $75.00 which includes a veterinary checkup, deworming, FELV/FIV test, FVRCP shot(s), rabies shot if old enough, and sterilization.

Q. What are your provisions for the return of animals if they aren’t compatible with their adopters?

R. We first try to assist in resolving the problems, but will always take one of our animals back.

Q. Do you accept puppy mill or kitten mill animals?

R. No.

Q. What is your policy toward feral cats?

R. We are active in TNR. In most cases kittens can be socialized and we release the sterilized adults where they were captured if possible.

Q. What is your policy concerning euthanasia?

R. We only euthanize if our veterinarian advises us there is nothing they can do for the animal and it is a question of quality of life.

Q. Do you use a foster based system or do you have a physical building to house animals?

R. We use foster care when our animals are not on display at Petco or at our veterinarian’s office. We try to rotate the cats every 7-10 days.

Q. How is your group financed?

R. 100% through donations.

Q. What do you need in the terms of volunteers, goods, services, etc.?

R. We need reliable people to clean the cages at Petco and at our veterinarian’s office, foster homes for adult cats and kittens, and sponsors for our weekly advertising.

PETroglyphs thanks Bobbi Heller for providing this information about Felines & Friends, NM Chapter. If you would like volunteer for or donate to this group, you may contact them at: Felines & Friends, NM Chapter, 369 Montezuma Ave., #320, Santa Fe, NM 87501. (505) 316-2281 or by email at

If a fish is the movement of water embodied, given shape, then a cat is a diagram and pattern of subtle air. - Doris Lessing

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