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By Kate Solisti-Mattelon & Patrice Mattelon

Is it really possible to “talk” to animals? More and more people today think so. Across the country, in magazines and books, people are openly describing their intuitive communications with animals.

Animal communication is a type of non-verbal communication received mind to mind and heart to heart. Anybody who has ever acted on a hunch or on their intuition is exercising the same muscle that, when further developed, allows one to hear what animals are thinking and feeling. This is not something new. For millennia, people have “talked” with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. Through these communications they have learned what plants can be used for, where game is, and what the weather may do.

Why is this skill important to both humans and animals today? Many of us observe that people have become fragmented, have lost touch with the earth and her creatures and with Source. When humans open their senses to embrace a kinship with all life, a reconnection is made and the emptiness begins to subside. Animals have never lost their connection to Source and if we are willing, they can show us the path to take us back to our integrated sense of self.

This is the big picture. On a personal level, tuning into your animal’s thoughts and feelings allows you to dialogue with them about their health and well-being, purpose and issues. Animal communication deepens understanding and helps expand human awareness of animal consciousness and provides a perspective from the animals themselves. This can be extremely helpful on all levels.

The main obstacle to interspecies communication is the belief system that telepathic communication is impossible. Nobody today questions radio waves or electrical currents or how a TV works. One hundred years ago, nobody would have believed it possible. The television was created because someone believed it was possible. The human mind is capable of boundless opportunities, so why deny the validity of non-verbal communication when so many people are experiencing it?

For Patrice and me, animal communication bears a responsibility to be the clearest facilitators we can be. This means we are constantly examining our issues, fears, and agendas which might distort delicate messages and information coming to us. How can we discern if the information is real? The best confirmation is when a person tells us, “Wow! How could you possibly know that? Only my horse and I were there.” Or, “The vet confirmed exactly what you found and all will be well.” We work in cooperation with veterinarians and other practitioners in order to participate in the healing of a situation with all possible avenues examined.

Animal communication can be a valuable tool in conjunction with other expert knowledge and techniques. We do this with love, joy and compassion and a desire to serve the animals and the people who love them.

It is our goal to demystify animal communication and to teach individuals how to develop their own intuition and expand awareness and interspecies dialogue.

Kate Solisti-Mattelon has been an animal communicator since 1992. Together with Michael Tobias, she published "Kinship with the Animals" in 1998. Patrice Mattelon has been a student of energetic medicine since 1986. Patrice and Kate teach and practice animal communication with animals and their companion humans.

Note: This article first appeared in the Fall/Winter 1999 issue.

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