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By Joanna B. Seere

As a spiritual healer for animals, I assist them in coming into balance in body, mind, and spirit. By making contact through telepathic communication and communion with them on a spiritual level, I can understand what animals are thinking and feeling, and also sense discomfort in the physical body, emotions, and spirit. I then call upon my knowledge as a spiritual healer to help them come into greater balance.

In my work with animals, I am continually awed by the depth of sensitivity, the intelligence, wisdom, feelings, and compassion that animals harbor within. They have a natural acceptance of life. And their effortless understanding of themselves as spiritual beings aligns them with the inner rhythm of nature which always flows towards balance.

When animals express imbalance through stress, physical illness, or emotional trauma, spiritual healing can become a wonderful way to engage them in their own natural healing process. Time and again, animals graciously and fearlessly demonstrate to me their remarkable ability to heal themselves into life or death. Like Kenji.

Kenji was the first animal with whom I was asked to work 15 years ago. He was a big, wonderful white cat with black oriental markings. Like a Buddha--thoughtful, meditative and compassionate--Kenji radiated unconditional love. He lived with my dear friend Kitty and their feline sister Jenny.

One day when he was 10, Kenji stopped eating. He suddenly dropped a tremendous amount of weight, began vomiting, and turned yellow. The vet suspected a liver-related problem and did exploratory surgery. He found a huge tumor ready to hemorrhage blocking the bile duct. The tumor was inoperable. The vet felt nothing could be done for Kenji, so he called Kitty asking permission to euthanize him on the operating table.

To both Kenji’s and Kitty’s great fortune, Kitty was not at home to give permission. The vet closed him up and told Kitty that if he ate a little, Kenji could go home for whatever brief amount of time they might have together.

Kitty called me. We began a program of spiritual healing sessions three times a week. Although I was a neophyte, I trusted the inner wisdom I experienced in Kenji to lead us toward balance. Kenji was remarkable to watch. His color began to change from yellow tp pink. His appetite grew (as did his stomach!) and soon he was tipping the scales again at 15 pounds! He began to look and act like himself. After five weeks of regular treatments, Kenji was a joyously radiant, health, happy cat.

Kenji lived to the ripe old age of 15. His tumor never returned. Kenji taught me so much about healing. He inspired me to have faith, to be open to the possibility of “miracle” where none seemed possible and to listen closely to the deep spiritual wisdom that flows inside each animal, each being on this planet. It is a teaching I will never forget.

Joanna B. Seere is a spiritual healer for animals who lives in New York City.

This article first appeared in the Spring/Summer 1997 issue.

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