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By Vivian Perez

When I saw Spotty for the first time, I thought he was the most adorable puppy-before finding out he was a Pitbull and that his mother was a “mean” dog. At first I decided I did not want a Pitbull in my house as they have a reputation for being mean and threatening to people.

Since then I have learned that many Pitbulls are abused and/or trained to be aggressive and often used as fighters against other dogs. In fact, Spotty’s mother came from an abusive and neglectful environment, spending her days chained to a tree. As a result of this type of so-called “training” and abuse, Pitbulls have become stereotyped as vicious dogs.

With love and care, my Pitbull, Spotty, has developed into the sweetest, most lovable pet, demonstrating good nature and a fun-loving attitude towards life. Although Most adult dogs tend to lose their playfulness, Spotty, at the ripe old age of six, plays continually with his ever-increasing cache of toys. Daily, he brings a smile to my fact. And, contrary tot his “Pitbull reputation”, Spotty, doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. The only sign I should put on my gate is “Beware of A Huggable, Kissable pest!” I refer to him as this because I can hug him and he gives me kisses and his constant demand for attention makes him a pest in the best sense of the word.

As well, Spotty is an excellent watchdog, barking at strange sounds and constantly protecting “his” yard, giving me a feeling of safety and security.

You can see that I’m happy I kept my Pitbull. His demeanor confirms my belief that the way a dog is treated is how they will behave-if a dog knows only cruelty, that is the manner in which they will respond. Spotty is proof that Pitbulls make great pets if they are loved and cared for-I should know, as I have the most lovable Pitbull of all.

Note: This article first appeared in the Fall/Winter 1998 issue.

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