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By Pattie Ravenheart

Several months ago I heard a very heartwarming story that I would like to share. It is the epitome of how one person, getting involved, can make a difference in an animalís life.

Everyday, upon arriving home from work, Kelli Webster would say hello to ďFriscoĒ the Chow dog who lived across the street. He was always outside, even on the coldest of winter nights and his fur was in bad condition. His owners ignored him, never a welcome pat or hello. It broke her heart to see such a sweet dog being treated so badly.

One day Frisco didnít greet Kelli at her truck, and after several days she went to the animal shelter. Sure enough, he was there. She informed his owners twice but Frisco did not come home.

Kelli told the shelter she would adopt Frisco if no one else did. She knew she couldnít keep him because they lived across the street from his wners but Kelli was hoping to find him a new home.

Several days later Kelli received a call from the shelter that Frisco would have to be adopted that very day or be put down. She went immediately-and with her application for adoption accepted and paying the fees, she waited for Frisco to be neutered.

The change in Frisco after just a few days at a friendís home was remarkable. Kelli brought a good brand of dog food and she and her dog Figment went over every day to visit and play with him. Frisco was happy for the first time since she had known him.

Roseanne responded to the ad Kelli placed in the newspaper; she had a ten-year-old Chow dog at her home in the country and was looking for a younger dog to keep him company. When Kelli left Frisco with Roseanne, he looked so happy. Finally he was going to received the love and attention he had always deserved. If Kelli had left his life in the hands of his neglectful owners, he would not be alive today. It is wonderful that through Kelliís caring actions, she made a difference in the life of one dog-and quite possibly in many human hearts, with such an inspiring story. Kelli Webster-you deserve our applause!

Pattie Ravenheart volunteers her time as Secretary-Treasurer for Petroglyphs.

Note: This article first appeared in the Summer/Fall 1998 issue.

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