New Mexico's Pet Resource SPRING 2004

Dogs and Trucks

Dogs love trucks, right? Many do, but transporting dogs by truck can be dangerous—for the dog, for you, and for other motorists. The only safe way to transport dogs in trucks is in the cab, not in the open bed of a pickup.

How can dogs get hurt in trucks? If you hit a bump, step on the brakes suddenly or swerve to avoid an obstacle, your dog can be thrown from the bed and onto the road, which may injure or even kill him. Or another vehicle may come along and run him over, or may be forced to swerve to avoid hitting him and cause an accident with other vehicles.

The best place for a dog in a truck is in the cab, inside a travel crate or pet carrier. He can also be transported in the back portion if you have an extended cab.

What about using leashes or harnesses to restrain the dog in the bed of a truck? Bad idea. The fact is that restraints may actually cause the dog to be strangled or dragged behind the truck if he is thrown out of the bed.

So keep on truckin’, but please don’t put your dog at risk.

(Adapted from a Humane Society of the United States advisory)

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