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I have just read the letter from Marcy Britton published in the Winter 2002 issue and feel that a response is in order. I am not sure when her letter was written, but many changes have taken place in the last month that your readers need to be aware of.

First, no intra-cardiac euthanasia injections are being done unless absolutely necessary and then only to properly tranquilized animals. All euthanasia is strictly monitored to insure that only proper, humane methods are used at all times.

Secondly, until renovations are done to the shelter, all animals are being properly housed either within a heated building or in outdoor runs with dog houses and blankets for warmth. Cruelty cases are being investigated and acted upon within our capacity to do so under the law. It must be understood that while our concerns for the animals takes a very high priority, we cannot go outside of the law and must take care to protect a person's constitutional rights. However, whenever animals are endangered, all legal measures will be taken to see that they are protected and removed to a safe location when necessary.

Ms. Britton is aware of the changes that have taken place at Valencia County Animal Control, but possibly did not have adequate time to notify you of those changes before publication.

Our shelter is always open to the public during posted hours of operation, and we welcome any suggestions to improve operations. Volunteers have been helping with many projects and we continue to invite anyone who would like to help to contact us.

I cannot speak to anything that may have happened before my arrival in November. I can only say that form this time forward, operations will be done according to established and written directives.


Linda Cisneros, Director
Valencia County Animal Control

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