New Mexico's Pet Resource WINTER 2006


Katrina Rescue Team: David Rockafellar, Bruce England and Allyn Harad.

Bruce England with our mascot Mutsy - a rescue dog from ABQ.

Katrina rescue dogs at camp.

Hurricane Rita. Our group managed to be right in the way when this hit and had their tents blown away.

Pit Bull found starving to death in tub - skin and bones. He couldn't even stand but was happy to wag his tail when he saw our volunteers. He is now on the mend. (see following two photos and comments below). -Julien

I found a web site that has the 2 dogs we rescued when we went down to New Orleans that I talked about ( They are photos from the vet who took them home and are caring for them. You will see a furless Shitzu - that is the one I fell in love with. And then the 17 lb pit bull with a before and after photo. -Katie

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