New Mexico's Pet Resource SPRING 2003


by Nancy Marano

My name is Cleopatra. They tell me I'm named for a queen, but everyone just calls me Cleo.

This is my friend Max. Max is part Golden Retriever and part German Shepherd. He likes to be petted. He also likes to lick people with his tongue when he's happy.

We live at the animal shelter. I was picked up running loose on the street because my people dumped me out. Max was turned in by his owners because they were moving.

We kept hoping someone would adopt us, but no one came.

Then the nice lady who feeds us said, "Would you like to be mascots for the animal shelter?"

We didn't know what a mascot was, do you?

It meant we would live with one of the workers at the shelter. We would visit schools. We'd be on television, and we'd go to special events. In other words, we'd be stars. When people thought about us, they'd think about the animal shelter.

Now we have a nice home and we have a job. We're very happy.

When we visit a school, Sally, she's our person, tells our story and reminds children that a pet is for life. If you adopt a pet, that animal should live with you for his or her whole life. You need to feed your pet, give your pet water, make sure your pet has shelter, groom

your pet, keep your pet safe, and give your pet a lot of love.

Max and I will visit with you in each issue of PETroglyphs. We look forward to talking with you about how to care for your pet. Until then, Max says, "Woof!" and I'll add my, "Meow."

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