New Mexico's Pet Resource FALL 2003



by Diane Dupont & K.J. Leibee

PETroglyphs recently received a letter from Diane Dupont and K.J. Leibee, who wanted to share the joy they’ve found in adopting two Rottweilers from the Roswell Humane Society. October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month. PETroglyphs couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that occasion than by telling you the story of Odin and Freya. After our two 12-year-old Rottweilers died several years ago, we were hesitant about getting any more pets. However, six months later two more Rottweilers came into our lives. We received a call from the Roswell Humane Society. A male Rottweiler had been found along the side of the road. He’d been at the shelter for over a month and his time was almost up. Shelter staff called the Taos Rottweiler Rescue with the hope of buying him another 30 days in their program. When they called, they were given our name and phone number.


The Roswell Humane Society had already interviewed seven families in hopes of placing “Butch.” All the people they contacted declined to take him. The staff had fallen in love with him, but they all had pets of their own or couldn’t handle such a large dog. We were told that he had a great personality, wasn’t vicious, weighed over 100 pounds, and needed someone to care for him.

We were still undecided as to whether we were ready for another dog but we looked him up on the Roswell Humane Society website. One look and we had to have him. We called Marge at the humane society and told her we’d be down to get him. Once she checked us out with our veterinarian and we were recommended, everything fell into place. We brought “Butch” back to Albuquerque. It took about three days for him to realize he was home. On that third day he jumped off the porch, ran all over the yard and did several 360° turns. That’s when we knew he was ours. “Butch” became Odin, the Norse god of wind and spirit.


A few months after welcoming Odin into our lives, we received another phone call from the Roswell Humane Society. This time they had a female Rottweiler named “Amber,” who also had been found by the roadside. They could tell she’d had puppies recently but they couldn’t locate the pups. Again we hesitantly looked her up on their website. Again, it was love at first sight. We went to Roswell to introduce her to Odin and bring her home. Within minutes of leaving the humane society she stuck her head between the front seats of the car and licked us both, then turned around and gave Odin a quick lick, too. “Amber” immediately knew she was home. She hasn’t stopped smiling from the time we picked her up until now. She has been lovable from the beginning, and “Amber” turned into Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty. It took a few weeks for Odin to warm up to Freya, but now they are best friends.

We want to tell everyone not to be afraid of adopting rescue pets. They are the most loyal and lovable pets in the world. A special bond develops between humans and rescue pets that is profound. We’ve had to spend a lot of time with Odin, who obviously was traumatized prior to coming to live with us. But he now knows that whatever happened to him in the past will never happen again. He stays next to us and pays attention to our slightest whisper. Always eager to please, he doesn’t realize he weighs 130 pounds. All he wants to do is sit in our laps. We couldn’t ask for a happier or more loving girl than Freya. She is so sweet and cute and a real cuddler. Nothing upsets her.

There are many animals just waiting for a good home. We love our dogs so much, and we wholeheartedly recommend adopting a pet. You won’t be disappointed.

Diane and K.J. live in the Jemez Mountains, where they grow herbs, berries and flowers for their One Love Soap Company. Odin and Freya are happy traveling cross-country with them or running, swimming and playing at home.

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