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2009 New Mexico Legislative Session

Read about the results of Animal Protection Bills from the 2009 session.


Dog Fighters Indicted:
Big Win for AG's Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACT)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(LAS CRUCES) - A grand jury in Las Cruces has indicted twin brothers on multiple charges including dog fighting, extreme cruelty and conspiracy in a case coordinated closely by Attorney General Gary King's Animal Cruelty Taskforce (ACT). Duryea and Duron Scott, of El Paso, Texas, had been the focus of a task force and local law enforcement investigation since last October following raids on four properties controlled by the twins in Chaparral, N.M. and El Paso.

"This is a good outcome for our Animal Cruelty Taskforce, especially since we just received funding from the Legislature and I think this shows it is money well spent," says Attorney General King. "Whether it is a celebrity football player in Atlanta or twins from El Paso, this action underscores the fact that people in New Mexico and the nation are not going to stand for this type of cruelty to animals any longer."

Charges against Duryea Scott include: 9 counts of dog fighting, 4 counts of extreme cruelty, 6 counts of misdemeanor cruelty, and 1 count of conspiracy.

Charges against Duron Scott include: 9 counts of dog fighting, 1 count of extreme cruelty, 12 counts of misdemeanor cruelty, and 1 count of conspiracy.

If convicted, the brothers face more than a combined 65 years in prison. No word yet on a trial date.


National Animal News

Music for Animal Rescue

Lucky Records is proud to announce the release of Jamie Glaser's new music CD, Music for Pets and People. Two dollars of every purchase goes to animal rescue.

In the last 3 months donations from the sale of Jamie's CD has gone to animal rescues like Best Friends Animal Society, Forchinate Chins and Chintuition (Chinchilla rescue groups), and Primates Inc (a fund for animals who are adopted from the horrible animal testing industry).

Jamie is known for his work with jazz greats Jean Luc Ponty, Manhattan Transfer, Lenny White and Chick Corea. In Rock and Roll he made his name with people like Bryan Adams, and in R and B, with people like Chaka Khan.

Presently Jamie composes music for Animal Planet, Espn, History Channel and Discovery as well as providing the music for network sports shows.

Please go to to hear samples and purchase. Music for Pets and People is also now avaialable on ITUNES and Amazon.

You can help an animal in need by purchasing Jamie Glaser's MUSIC FOR PETS AND PEOPLE.


Truth about Cocoa Mulch - What the ASPCA says

A number of people contacted the ASPCA after the email started makings its rounds in 2003, and the ASPCA investigated 16 cases reported to them. They have said on their website that "To date, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has not received any cases involving animal deaths due to cocoa mulch ingestion." They also publish a PDF on their site about the cocoa mulch investigation.

They specifically looked into the 6 cases that had the most information. The outcome was known, there was evidence of the dogs eating the mulch, and the managing veterinarians though that there was a least a medium relationship between eating the cocoa shells, and becoming sick. 50% of the dogs vomited, 33% had tremors, and 17% tachycardia. None of the reported 16 cases resulted in the death of the dog. Two thirds of the cases came from California. They agree that the amount of theobromine found in cocoa mulch was enough to make an animal sick if eaten in large enough quantities, but no deaths were confirmed.

They also reported that some dogs indiscriminately ate practically any organic material. They advise, if you have a less than discriminating pet, that you not leave them unsupervised in areas where cocoa mulch has been used. If you have such a dog, despite the advantages of cocoa mulch, you may want to use other mulch coverings.

Read more: Cocoa Mulch: What is the Truth According to Authoritative Sources?


Proheart-6 Back on Market

June 2008 - ProHeart-6, a controversial heartworm drug, was voluntarily pulled off the market four years ago because thousands of dogs suffered adverse reactions to it including death. Now it is back on the market with a different formulation. You can follow the links below to learn more about this vaccine and the controversy surrounding it.

FDA vet tracks dog deaths, gets smeared in the process

FDA, Fort Dodge bringing Proheart 6 back on the market


International Animal News

Animals Matter Campaign Goes From Strength to Strength

Jul 16, 2008 - The Cambodian government, Animal Welfare Board of India, and Australian Veterinary Association are all using their powerful voices to call for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). They join over 1.5 million individuals supporting the Animals Matter campaign. Read more...

Learn more and sign the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare here.


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