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PETroglyphs is an award-winning publication focused on community education for animal welfare. Our gratitude goes to all our advertisers and writers for their contributions and support which make this publication possible. We would also like to extend an invitation to those wishing to submit stories, article ideas, poetry, notices of events, photographs, artwork, etc., that would enhance the purpose of this publication.

We exist for the animals. Our mission is to explain where and how you can find the services and supplies that will make your companion animal happy and healthy, and we try to keep you informed about the latest animal care recommendations, the dos and don'ts for both of you,, the local and state laws, and the people and the businesses you can turn to when you need help. And we chronicle the hazards and blessings and sorrows and celebrations for those of us so fortunate to live in a world with an animal companion or two. Or ten.

So read on! Though some of the material here is specific to New Mexico most of it applies the world over. We hope that because you love your animal companion you'll find something interesting or useful here, no matter where you live.

We would like to hear from you (or your companion animal, whichever of you is the better communicator). Please let TopCat and the rest of us know what you would like to see in these pages. And thanks for your comments.

Writing & Editorial Staff

Nancy Marano
Deborah Schildkraut, Ph.D.
Cynthia Richards
Suzanne Brannan

Web Manager/Newsletter Layout

Lynn Cumiskey

Advertising Manager

River Madison

Board of Directors

Nancy Marano, President
Norma Southard, Vice-President
Cynthia Richards, Secretary/Treasurer

We are always looking for interesting material. If you would like to submit an article, please read our Writers' Guidelines for more information.


© 1997-2014 All rights reserved. Material may not be reproduced without written permission. Articles presented in this publication are intended for educational purposes only, and are not intended to replace your veterinarian's suggestions and expertise, nor are they a substitute for medical treatment where such is indicated. PETroglyphs accepts articles from organizations and individuals believed to be of good reputation but we cannot guarantee the quality of the information nor of the services.

PETroglyphs restricts advertising on this site to goods and services that contribute to our mission of humane treatment for animals and/or further our mission of humane education. PETroglyphs is not affiliated with any other organization.

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