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Pet Photo Tips

1. Light - Natural light is always best and reduces the “green eye effect.” Take an animal outdoors in natural light when possible. If shooting indoors, try to find a room with windows and natural light.

2. Location, location - Setting and location are important. Find a place where your pet looks natural – perhaps the couch or the yard.

3. Getting attention - Wave a favorite toy above your pet’s head or use an unusual noise to get his attention. You want your pet to look at you, if possible.

4. Relax your pet - Play with your animal before you try to pose him so he’s a little tired. He might be more cooperative.

5. Eye level - Get on eye level with your pet so you aren’t always shooting down at him. This might mean lying on the floor or putting a smaller pet up on a table.

6. Try new things - Use your creativity. Try different angles, different backgrounds, action versus still. There is no limit to the number and type of shots you can take.

7. Keep camera handy - The best opportunities always happen when your camera is in the other room. Keep it charged up and close at hand for the best shots.

8. Tired is good - A pet who is tired from playing might be more willing to accommodate your photo shoot.

9. Treats - As a last resort, you can give your pet a tiny treat if you want him to be in a particular pose.

10. Have fun! - Picture taking should be fun for you and your pet.




Photos by: Nancy Marano, Mary Malino Mescall, Deborah Shildkraut, and Karen Taylor

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